Thursday, 1 November 2012

Project List for November

***Update - I actually missed several projects off the list so the count for this month is actually 36, hopefully that will down to nearer 30 again though after this weekend***

So, as per my recent post about rules to try and follow to keep control of the amount of projects I have on the go at once I have now created a Google Spreadsheet to try and keep track of this.
The project count is currently at 30 and today is the 1st of the month (November) so I need to make sure that I'm trying to follow the rule of "Don't finish the month with more work than you started it". I don't currently have any plans to purchase anything new at the moment so Im actually quite confident that I can achieve this one. Not so sure about the "No miniatures without a storage solution" rule though, Im fairly well sorted for storage for all the Necrons but if I do actually finish any of the other items then I may well be paying a visit to again.

If anyone is interested in a copy of the spreadsheet then just let me know, Ive added some custom functions to archive off each line into a different worksheet once all the columns have been set to "Yes" and it can also provide some statistics of current progress (as shown in the picture above). It's not really all that complicated (or impressive) so it should be fairly easy to share it out and then copy and customise it.


  1. I am constantly finding new projects in storage around the house. I add these in at the start of a month, at (hopefully) no greater rate than I'm taking them off...

  2. Well, I managed to get 3 finished this weekend and discovered 6 more that I had forgotten about so currently up to 39 :-(