Thursday, 13 December 2012

Anrakyr The Traveller

Just finished painting Anrakyr The Traveller, definitely one of my favourite Necron models so far. I actually used him in a game for the first time last night but i didnt really get chance to see what he can do as he got stuck in an assault from turn 2 onwards. Im thinking in future though that where I would normally choose an Overlord just to get access to a Royal Court I may well go for this guy instead as I dont think he really costs too much extra (when you factor in his wargear) and he offers some interesting opportunities with his Mind in the Machine special rule.

Anyway then, here he is...

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Tournament Report

So, as mentioned in my previous post (40k Tournaments) I attended my first ever 40k tournament at the weekend. It was a doubles tournament organised by my local club (York Garrison), consisting of 1850 points per side. Overall it was a really fun day and very impressively run throughout by Peter (Mid-Table Obscurity) and Bennett (Damn Dice).

My partner, Ross, and I actually won the tournament, but I won't really dwell on that one too much as Ross is the one who deserves the credit for it (that really isn't just me trying to be modest as Ross was responsible for virtually every single tactical decision and manoeuvre that our team made). Still, I thoroughly enjoyed participating in it and I was able to learn a hell of a lot from playing alongside Ross as he is a very experienced 40k player, and a friendly bloke as well!

Both Ross and I were using Necrons and the list I played with was pretty much as follows:

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

40 Tournaments

It's now just over a year since I returned to 40k and pretty much a year exactly since I went down to my local club (York Garrison) for the first time. One of things that I quickly discovered were "tournaments", surprisingly these were actually a completely new concept to me (from a 40k point of view) at first as my previous experiences with 40k, and wargaming in general, pretty much took place on someone's dining room table and were often cut short by the need to return the dining room table to the purposes of food consumption. It became apparent straight away though that there are a hell of a lot of these that occur and that they are a huge part of the hobby now. It may well actually be that they were a huge part of the hobby in the early 90s as well but I certainly didnt know about them at the time.

Of the people I've met and played against over the last year there have been quite a few who seem to take these tournaments, and 40k in general, extremely seriously. To me 40k is a very casual game that I play because I enjoy it and I couldnt really care less whether I win the game or not, as long as it is fun. I know that sounds a bit cheesey but some of these people really do take it very, very seriously indeed. Not that there is anything wrong with that, its just that (in my very limited experience so far) quite a few of them also seem to be a very cliquey bunch who dont always have a lot of time or interest in those of us who's lives aren't quite so focused on 40k. Again, there isn't necessarily anything at all wrong with that but it has definitely turned me away from tournaments a bit really as some of these people have just been downright unfriendly and haven't in anyway inspired me to want to play a "fun" game against them.

This post isnt intended at all as an attack on tournament players (I've also met a lot of extremely friendly ones), Its pretty much just a ramble about how I have found things so far and the prompting for me to write it is that I have finally given in and decided to attend a tournament myself this saturday. It's a doubles tournament down at York Garrison and Im partnering up with another Necron player, quite curious to see how it all goes really and once its done I'll try and get something posted on here about it.

"Some people believe football is a matter of life and death, I am very disappointed with that attitude. I can assure you it is much, much more important than that"        :-)

Project List - Update

Towards the end of October I wrote a post about some new rules that I was trying to work towards to try and get my model collection back under control. The post was inspired by one I found on The Responsible One's blog so I cant really claim the credit for thinking up any of it.

So, after writing the post I then created a Google spreadsheet and started documenting all the different projects I had on the go and then kept it up to date as I progressed through the month of November. Once Id finally found every project that I should have been working on the total number was 43. I managed to keep myself restrained in terms of new purchases and I got quite a bit of spare time to work on things and managed to complete 11 different projects during November.


Sunday, 2 December 2012

Necron Monolith

I didn't have quite as productive a weekend this time, I did still manage to get a few things painted though and the first of them was my Necron Monolith. I've still not actually used a Monolith in a game yet but now that I've finished painting it I will definitely be giving it a go at some point soon.