Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Necron Lord

Just finished this one last night so thought I would post some pictures. I can finally see an end in sight to remaining unpainted Necrons, its still a long way off but it does look like an achievable task now. Next one up I think will be the Monolith as Im really keen to try it out in a game at some point soon.

Sunday, 25 November 2012

Tomb Blades

My third, and final, bit of finished painting for the weekend is a squad of 6 Tomb Blades with Gauss. Again, apologies for the grainy photos.

Aegis Defence Line with Comms Relay

I bought the Aegis Defence Line earlier on in the year when 6th edition 40k was released but I didn't really bother reading the rules for it and just pretty much ignored it until recently. However, I played a game a couple of weeks where I failed 5 out of 6 of my reserve rolls to bring on some Night Scythes full of large squads of Immortals and Warriors. Consequently I ended up losing a game quite badly due to 30 Warriors and the 2 Scythes they were in not even making it onto the table. So, the solution I decided upon was to add to my army lists an Aegis Defence Line with the upgrade of a Comms Relay (which allows you to re-roll any failed Reserve rolls), hopefully preventing something like this happening again.

I don't really want to just waste the ADL itself seen as it has cost a few points and can definitely be fairly useful. So, my current plan is to stick a squad of about 15 Warriors behind it and attach to the squad a Necron Lord with a Resurrection Orb. These guys can then just sit on an objective and should in theory be pretty tough to shoot off it, particularly with an added Annihilation Barge or two next to them for extra support. So far I've tried this tactic once and was pretty pleased with the result so will persist with it for a few more games to see how it goes.

As for the actual model itself and the painting of it, Im not really a big fan. There is nothing really wrong with it as such its just that it's not actually got anything to do with Necrons (other than their ability to pick it in army list these days) and as such I didnt really care all that much how it, or the Comms Relay, turned out so I kept the painting of both very simple. If I ever get the time and motivation in future I may come back to these and add a lot more detail to them but for the time being I am considering them to be finished.

Necron Overlord / Lord

I managed to get a few models finished over the weekend so here is the first of them, a Necron Overlord (/Lord). Apologies for the grainy photos, I was in a bit of a rush when I was taking them and didn't really have time to do a very good job. I'm hoping at some point in the near future to dust off the old SLR camera and take a load of decent pictures.

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Necron Immortals with Gauss Blasters

So far I have mainly been using Warriors as my troop choices (with an occasional small unit of Tesla Immortals) but I'd like to try out some units of Immortals as well so I've just finished building ten of them, this time with Gauss instead of Tesla.

Next on the list after these is a unit of six Tomb Blades with Gauss, which are currently under way but may not be finished this week. I've also finally started to do a bit of painting on the Monolith that I built and base-coated many months ago.

Triarch Stalker #2 (Gauss Cannon)

I finished painting this one a few days ago but hadn't found time to post any pictures until today. It's very similar to the one I finished last week but this one has the Gauss Cannon fitted, rather than the heat ray.

Sunday, 4 November 2012

Ghost Ark and Doomsday Ark

I've had quite a productive couple of days in terms of painting and have managed to finish both a Ghost Ark and a Doomsday Ark, in addition to the Triarch Stalker I finished on friday (seen lurking in the background in these pictures).

Next on the list I think will be my six Tomb Blades as I've never used these in a game and I think I might try them out at some point soon.

Friday, 2 November 2012

Triarch Stalker

Just finished painting another Necron model, this time it's a Triarch Stalker with Heat Ray. I'm still working on one with the twin linked Heavy Gauss Cannon.

I used this model in a game for the first time this week and it was actually a bit better than I expected so definitely one I may use more often. The Targeting Relay rule meant that I ended up with a 10 man squad of warriors rapid firing and getting twin linked in one particular turn.

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Project List for November

***Update - I actually missed several projects off the list so the count for this month is actually 36, hopefully that will down to nearer 30 again though after this weekend***

So, as per my recent post about rules to try and follow to keep control of the amount of projects I have on the go at once I have now created a Google Spreadsheet to try and keep track of this.
The project count is currently at 30 and today is the 1st of the month (November) so I need to make sure that I'm trying to follow the rule of "Don't finish the month with more work than you started it". I don't currently have any plans to purchase anything new at the moment so Im actually quite confident that I can achieve this one. Not so sure about the "No miniatures without a storage solution" rule though, Im fairly well sorted for storage for all the Necrons but if I do actually finish any of the other items then I may well be paying a visit to again.

If anyone is interested in a copy of the spreadsheet then just let me know, Ive added some custom functions to archive off each line into a different worksheet once all the columns have been set to "Yes" and it can also provide some statistics of current progress (as shown in the picture above). It's not really all that complicated (or impressive) so it should be fairly easy to share it out and then copy and customise it.