Monday, 4 March 2013

Shelves for Paint Storage

I only managed 1 post on this blog in the first two months and here is my third in the last fifteen minutes, apologies for the overload but finding spare time isn't so easy at the moment. A friend of mine built me some shelves for storing my ever expanding paint collection on as I was getting fed up of having them all stored in a box. So, I now have all my paints directly in front of me as Im sat at my desk and I have to say I find it to be a much more pleasant working environment.

Steve C - Thanks again for taking the time and effort to sort these for me, much appreciated :-)

Unit of Genestealers

As well as working my way through cleaning up and assembling Sedition Wars over the last few weeks I also managed to paint my first unit for my new Tyranid army, in this case it was Genestealers. I stuck with the Hive Fleet Leviathan colour scheme that I tested on a Hormagaunt earlier in the year but this time I cut the number of steps down a bit so that I could paint them a lot quicker. The end result isnt quite to the same standard but its close enough and will save me a hell of a lot of time.


Sedition Wars : First batch painted

I've finally finished painting my first batch of Sedition Wars miniatures, I've also managed to get all of the rest of them assembled and undercoated now so hopefully should get some more done soon. A lot of other people have already commented about the amount of flash and mould lines that needed cleaning up and I have to say I really found the process of getting these ready to be very tedious. I also still need to get my head round the rules of the game, I've very quickly skimmed through the rules once already but didnt really find them to be very intuitive so further studying will be required.

Anyway, here are my first painted Vanguard :