Sunday, 25 November 2012

Aegis Defence Line with Comms Relay

I bought the Aegis Defence Line earlier on in the year when 6th edition 40k was released but I didn't really bother reading the rules for it and just pretty much ignored it until recently. However, I played a game a couple of weeks where I failed 5 out of 6 of my reserve rolls to bring on some Night Scythes full of large squads of Immortals and Warriors. Consequently I ended up losing a game quite badly due to 30 Warriors and the 2 Scythes they were in not even making it onto the table. So, the solution I decided upon was to add to my army lists an Aegis Defence Line with the upgrade of a Comms Relay (which allows you to re-roll any failed Reserve rolls), hopefully preventing something like this happening again.

I don't really want to just waste the ADL itself seen as it has cost a few points and can definitely be fairly useful. So, my current plan is to stick a squad of about 15 Warriors behind it and attach to the squad a Necron Lord with a Resurrection Orb. These guys can then just sit on an objective and should in theory be pretty tough to shoot off it, particularly with an added Annihilation Barge or two next to them for extra support. So far I've tried this tactic once and was pretty pleased with the result so will persist with it for a few more games to see how it goes.

As for the actual model itself and the painting of it, Im not really a big fan. There is nothing really wrong with it as such its just that it's not actually got anything to do with Necrons (other than their ability to pick it in army list these days) and as such I didnt really care all that much how it, or the Comms Relay, turned out so I kept the painting of both very simple. If I ever get the time and motivation in future I may come back to these and add a lot more detail to them but for the time being I am considering them to be finished.

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