Sunday, 11 November 2012

Necron Immortals with Gauss Blasters

So far I have mainly been using Warriors as my troop choices (with an occasional small unit of Tesla Immortals) but I'd like to try out some units of Immortals as well so I've just finished building ten of them, this time with Gauss instead of Tesla.

Next on the list after these is a unit of six Tomb Blades with Gauss, which are currently under way but may not be finished this week. I've also finally started to do a bit of painting on the Monolith that I built and base-coated many months ago.


  1. I had a few Immortals in a older version of my Necron list. I only used them to camp on objectives. They wasn't too bad. I tried tesla and gauss and preferred the gauss due to the AP and also the ability to tackle vehicles a bit better. I guess overall it is horses for courses.

  2. Yeah Ive got some of them armed with Tesla already so thought I would try out some Gauss as well. Overall though I think I will probably end up sticking with Warriors instead due to them costing a few less points