Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Project List - Update

Towards the end of October I wrote a post about some new rules that I was trying to work towards to try and get my model collection back under control. The post was inspired by one I found on The Responsible One's blog so I cant really claim the credit for thinking up any of it.

So, after writing the post I then created a Google spreadsheet and started documenting all the different projects I had on the go and then kept it up to date as I progressed through the month of November. Once Id finally found every project that I should have been working on the total number was 43. I managed to keep myself restrained in terms of new purchases and I got quite a bit of spare time to work on things and managed to complete 11 different projects during November.


So, the two rules I was trying to adhere to were:
  • No miniatures without a storage solution
I didn't actually buy any new miniatures at all in November but I do still need to sort out some storage for the Chaos Space Marine stuff that I bought recently. Unfortunately due to Christmas being on the horizon I haven't purchased any of this yet, and the plan will probably be to stick with KR Multicase stuff and I haven't actually looked but I'd be surprised if they have any trays available yet for things like the Heldrake and Forgefiend models. 
  • Don't finish the month with more work than you started it
This one however I did do pretty well with. The total number of projects at the end of November was down to 32. Im aiming to have this dropped down to about 25 by the time Christmas comes round as Im hoping there may well be a few new miniatures for me on that day (and if there isnt then it will probably be a trip to GW a few days later so that I can buy some :-) )

Overall I think that using some basic rules and creating a way of tracking my progress has definitely helped me to focus on getting stuff finished before buying more and has definitely been a benefit in showing me what sort of stage I am to with everything.

As of this post being published (December 5th) the current stats are as follows:


  1. Glad to hear you're doing well! I got a bunch of stuff done last month, although I think December is going to be hard to deal with all the stuff coming in!

  2. Yeah I agree, as well as Christmas Ive got a copy of Sedition Wars turning up at some point soon (hopefully) so going to have loads of new stuff to work on. Im hoping to get a lot more stuff completed in the next couple of weeks to try and get ahead of things as much as I can