Sunday, 28 October 2012

Modest Magic Terrain - part 3

Just finished airbrushing the first piece of my new terrain, I decided to go for silver as I had plenty of it to spare

I was hoping to have got quite a bit more painted today but was too distracted by the Merseyside derby, can't believe that goal was disallowed at the end! :-(


  1. Hey, this is Nick from Modest Magic, I just happened upon this and thought I would chime in. There are a number of spray paints that will work on the foam. Krylon shortcuts are the best in my opinion but you can slow use Krylon Eco guard, krylon H20 and Rustoleum Aqua. Any water based spray paint is supposed to work. I really think the silver will look fantastic (sorry to your wife) but you may have to base prime it with something with a little more body to it as the foam may drink the paint from the airbrush. Thanks for the purchase and for taking the time to write about it. I read your other post and am taking your feedback into consideration. (I hope its ok that I commented, if not please feel free to delete this)

  2. Hi Nick

    Thanks for commenting and thanks for the advice with the spray paints. Im pretty pleased with the results of the silver airbrushing so far so I think I will probably stick with that, but yeah it was soaking it up fairly quickly so if I can find a suitable spray for base coating it then I may go for that option. I'm more than happy to keep posting a few more comments and pictures as things progress as Im really pleased with the product

    Please feel free to comment at any point and thanks again for your assistance with all this