Sunday, 28 October 2012

Pictures of Modest Magic Terrain

I managed to get my new terrain assembled yesterday, sort of.

This is how it arrived and I placed a miniature in one of the photos to give an idea of scale

Unpacking it all and cleaning it up took quite a long time and then assembling it afterwards was pretty tricky as well. It came with some instructions for building some of it but the quality of print on the instructions made them quite tricky to follow. However, I looked back quite a lot at the pictures and videos on Modest Magic's website and eventually I did manage to get it assembled into something (although I did have quite a few pieces left over at the end).

Next step is to get all painted and possibly to glue some of it together just to make it a bit more stable. Im not quite sure what Im going to do about painting it though as I would rather not do it all by hand and anything sprayed on it from an aerosol seems to just melt it. If anyone is reading this and has any suggestions then please feel free to add some comments.


  1. Airbrush? There are a few people at Garrison with one who may not mind lending it or helping out if you cover the cost of paints? Bennett and Gill I know for sure have airbrushes?

    No Aerosol involves so it shouldn't melt it?

  2. Yeah I was pretty much thinking airbrush really, would have just preferred to use an aerosol if possible as its a bit easier. I do have an airbrush though so I just need to stop being lazy and actually clean it up properly so that I can start using it again

    Really enjoyed the game on wednesday by the way, we'll have to play again at some point

  3. The airbrush is now cleaned. The next debate then is what colour to spray it? The only colour I currently have in enough abundance is Silver (Vallejo Air Aluminium) and I think this will look pretty good but the wife disagrees. Anyone have any thoughts on this?

  4. that disagreeing with your wife is always a terrible terrible idea
    ive learnt the hard way :(