Monday, 18 June 2012

Cryptek conversions

Like a lot of other Necron players at the moment Im using quite a few Crypteks and the one and only model that GW has available just doesn't really suffice. Also, its Finecast so would cost a fair bit if you were to field several of them. So, I've had to convert them out of spares and other kits. I decided not to do anything too elaborate for my conversions, partially because I just can't be arsed as I've got loads of other stuff to paint already and partially because I've read in a few different places that Forgeworld will be bringing out some Crypteks and Lords at some point soon. Once the FW ones are available I'll probably purchase those so for now I've built 5 x Harbingers of Destruction with their standard Eldritch lances (and one with a solar pulse that sort of looks at the moment like he is holding an ice cream cone) and 2 x Harbingers of Despair. I have also got one of the standard GW Crypteks as well so Im using that as another Harbinger of Destruction (with a solar pulse) and I tried to make the Eldritch lances look like the weapon this guy is armed with.

Ive pretty much finished this one now :

Can't say that Im totally delighted with how the conversions have turned out but Im pleased enough with the paint scheme and its relatively easy to replicate on the others so it means I won't have to spend too much time working on models that will hopefully be replaced at some point. Actually, if anybody knows anything about if/when Forgeworld will be releasing any new Necron stuff then please let me know

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