Thursday, 5 July 2012

First game of 6th edition

I played a 1500 point game of 6th edition last night, my Necrons vs an Imperial Guard army with a small detachment of Space Marines as allies. Surprisingly, I actually the won the game quite convincingly but both of us were playing this one more as an experimental game just to get a feel for the new rules.

Things Ive learned about 6th so far:

  • Twin linked Tesla Destructors are pretty good against Flyers, despite having to roll 6s to hit. (I might even have to pick up a third Annihilation Barge at some point soon)
  • If a squad is still in a Flyer that gets destroyed then most of that squad is going to get wiped out due to the strength 10 hits they take. Not such a big problem for Necrons due to the troops never actually being inside the Scythe due to the teleporter type thingy that beams the squad in from a remote location at time of deployment.
  • Might need to take allies in future just to have a psycher as they have some pretty destructive powers
  • Im not totally convinced that we were playing the rules correctly for the Catacomb Command Barge due to it now being a 'chariot'......Im not totally convinced I knew what the rules were exactly in 5th edition so the fact theyve updated them and Ive barely had chance to read the new version means I definitely need to do some reading
  • KRMulticase need to hurry up and release some foam trays for the second wave of Necrons that came out a couple of months ago as Im getting sick of transporting Canoptek Wraiths around at the moment and having to make sure I dont break their flimsy whips
Brief review of how each unit performed:
  • Overlord on Catacomb Command Barge: See above, not sure I had the rules sorted for this one. Still, it did manage to make one sweep attack that killed and annoying librarian who had been hiding in a ruin all game.
  • Warriors in a Ghost Ark: These never really got chance to get into the game. Im pretty convinced that Warriors can play an important role now due to the gauss weapons causing glancing hits against vehicles, this should also make the weapon arrays on the Ghost Ark more useful as well. I'll definitely be persisting with these guys in future and will be aiming to use fairly large squads where possible.
  • Warriors: I had one unit deployed to hold an objective, these guys basically sat there for the whole game and did nothing though.
  • Immortals: This unit were deployed from the Scythe and manage to damage a Leman Russ and kill several walker things as well (not sure what they were called but they looked like AT-STs from Star Wars and they seemed to be just as flimsy, I suspect a squad of Ewoks waving around some twigs and throwing stones would also have damaged them quite effectively). I think I'll be favouring Warriors in future but there is definitely still a place for some Immortals with Tesla weaponry as the extra hits from rolling 6s is always very handy
  • Crypteks: Only fielded three of them this time, all Harbingers of Destruction. They managed to do a bit of damage to a Leman Russ. The Solar Pulse option isnt quite as effective as it used to be, due to Night Fighting not being so restrictive, but it could still be fairly useful at times.
  • Annihilation Barges: Both of these were superb! Each one managed to destroy a Flyer (think theyre called Valkyries??) and pretty much wipe out the squads contained inside as well. Also managed to do some damage to a few squads of Space Marine Scouts as well
  • Destroyers and Heavy Destroyers: The Preferred Enemy rule now giving a re-roll on shooting is bloody fantastic for these guys and the Heavy Destroyers in particular provided some much needed 36" range. Its just a shame that the Finecast upgrade parts for these contain a gun thats about as bendy as a piece of cooked spaghetti and consequently they look rather pants. Might have to try and find some old metal ones on eBay as I definitely need more of them

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