Thursday, 14 June 2012

Summary - Necrons vs Chaos Space Marines

So, I lost. Again. Not a big surprise really.

However, I did feel that the Necrons and I performed fairly well really and I actually gave my opponent (Chaos Space Marines) a fairly competitive game for once. I wont bother going in to too much detail but here is a brief summary of how I felt some of the units performed :

Overlord on Command Barge (x2) : I didnt really use these guys to the best of their ability but from one "sweep" attack that they both participated in I have extremely high hopes for them in the future. Also, as an added bonus once the barges had been destroyed I had some extremely fortunate rolls of Ever Living and one of the Lords came back from the dead 5 times before finally failing his roll on the 6th time that he was hacked down in close combat.

Deathmarks + Harbinger of Despair : When these guys arrived via deepstrike they scattered too far from there target to be able to shoot and were then assaulted and killed. Bit of a shame really as a more accurate deepstrike landing would have lead to them doing some serious template damage to a nicely lined up squad. I'll definitely take these guys again though as I think the unit has a lot of potential.

Heavy Destroyers : I got off to a great start with the Destroyers as they blew up a land raider with pretty much the first shot of the game. After that though they fired every single turn and managed to do nothing more than repeatedly stun a couple of rhinos. Think I might try a Doomsday Ark instead next time but im sure i will return to the Heavy Destroyers at some point.

Wraiths :  This unit got assaulted by several squads very early on and there were enough attacks that hadnt been reduced to I1 to wipe them all out before they could strike back. Think I probably should have held them back and kept them in cover so bit of a mistake on my part really.

Scarabs : I only had a unit of 5 but they easily chewed through a rhino, unfortunately they were then assaulted and destroyed. Again, my fault really as I could have assaulted the rhino in a manner that kept them out of range of anything else for another turn. Quite impressed overall though so think i might try a larger squad next time.

Harbingers of Despair : The str8 lances did a bit of damage but had to shoot at a second land raider at av14 quite a bit of the time so didnt really do anything significant. For the points cost though these guys will be used regularly.

Warriors and Immortals : The Warriors in their ghost arks probably performed a little better than the Tesla Immortals but none of them played a pivotal role in anything. In future games I think I will probably stick with a mix of both.

Overall, I learned a fair bit about how to deploy the army and also about how each unit performed and could potentially be used better in future. Next week Ive got a game against a seasoned tournament player and his Necron army so Im expecting yet another defeat :-) . Still, should give me a lot more insight into how to use Necrons effectively, regardless of which army wins, so thats a bit of a bonus.

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