Thursday, 10 May 2012

Space Marines vs Orks - Summary

Normal service was resumed with this one, I lost quite badly.

Most of these units Ive used before, at some point or another, and due to how poorly I did I wont bother with a review of how each unit performed this time. Of the more experimental options that I went for the Predator did okay and is certainly something I would consider using again and the Whirlwind was actually surprisingly good as well. Ive heard a lot of negative comments about Whirlwinds before, which is probably why Ive never bothered using it previously, but I think its a unit that definitely has a place against armies like Orks (and possibly Imperial Guard) as it was able to do a fair bit of damage before they got anywhere near to it.

Oh yeah, and for the second game in a row my Land Raider was immobilised before I had even had my turn and therefore turned out to be of no use at all. Bit of a shame really but I have certainly learned the hard way that I need to pay more attention to where I position it in future.

Overall, Im actually starting to get a bit bored of Space Marines at the moment. My SM army has been rather neglected for a couple of months now and I could really do with buying a few additional units and options for it to make the most use of it (a second Vindicator for example as Ive been told several times that one on its own is a bit pointless as it always gets destroyed quickly), but I dont really want to spend anymore cash at the moment due to working on my new Necron army recently. I promised myself at the beginning of the Necron project that I wouldnt field any unit that wasnt completely assembled, painted and based but Ive put so much effort into them recently (mainly just with building them) that Im now very keen to get started with playing them.

I think I will try and persist with the Marines for a while longer, and its not that Im in any way saying that they are a poor army and responsible for my terrible performances. The blame for that lays solely with me unfortunately so I think the Marines deserve a bit more persevering with for the time being. From a blog point of view going forward I'll probably be focusing more on Necrons from now on though as I bought quite a lot of the recently released 2nd wave bits at the weekend and now have quite a formidable collection.....well, once its all built I will have.

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