Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Review : Modeller's Workstation

I purchased a Modellers/Painters Workstation from Sphere Hobby Products on eBay so thought Id write a quick review of it.

Description : Used for general modelling stuff such as cutting, painting etc.
Pros : Fits together really easily. Its a generic product that's aimed at a variety of different uses but its been pretty well thought through and laid out. The built-in cutting mat is particularly handy
Cons : The price. At £60 + £10 p&p it is rather expensive
Overall : I debated quite a long time about this as the £70 total price of it did put me off. However, now that Ive bought it Im really pleased with it as its extremely useful for keeping my work area a bit tidier (which has also pleased the Mrs as she was getting a bit annoyed with the mess it was previously in).
Rating : 6/10 for this one I think. If the price had managed to be more like £50 then this could easily have gone up a bit higher but Im still not quite sure its worth its price tag.

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