Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Hive Fleet Leviathan - Current work in progress

As per normal these days I have had a very limited amount of time to do much in the way of painting and blogging. I did, however, manage to get some time to paint recently so thought I'd just show some of the current state of my ongoing Tyranid progress

First up are some Warriors, I'm currently only working on a batch of three of these but in total I think I have twelve to do. A lot of people dont really rate Tyranid Warriors due to their high points cost and the fact that despite their 3 wounds they can be instantly killed by strength 8 weapons due to only having toughness 4. So far though theyve done fairly well for me and Im going to stick with using them for a while longer

This one is pretty much finished, the other two arent

Next up on my painting table at the moment is my Tervigon, Ive been chipping away at this one for quite a while now but I did manage to get some details done around the emerging Termagants. Again, the Tervigon isnt a particularly popular choice for the 'nids at the moment but Ive enjoyed using it so far and will be persisting for a while longer

Finally, Im also working on set of objective markers that are numbered 1-6 for use in the new 7th edition Maelstrom of War missions. To be perfectly honest I dont even know exactly what these new missions are but painting some objective markers has been something a little bit different so its been a welcome distraction



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