Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Deathleaper - Hive Fleet Leviathan

Just finished painting Deathleaper a few days ago so thought I'd post a few pictures. This is the first metal model I have painted in a while (execept for a few Necron scarabs) as I picked this one up off ebay. Hopefully I should have a few Biovores painted in the next week and then its on with the Exocrine and Tervigon that I have already started.



  1. Beautifully painted. Love the trygon as well. Do you prefer painting metal or plastic? I always feel the metal causes the paint to flow slightly differently, but can't tell if it's just me.

  2. Thanks very much :-)

    I definitely enjoyed painting this metal one from a nostalgia point of view as it was probably 15-20 years ago that I last painted a metal model. As to whether or not I prefer painting metal or plastic, thats a good question actually and not something Id really given any thought to, think I might have to acquire a few more metal 'nids in the near future so that I can decide

    I still havent actually used Deathleaper in a game yet so think I'll have to try him out at some point in the next few weeks