Sunday, 24 November 2013

First blog post in a long time - Termagants

So, due to the birth of my daughter (Mia) in March my spare time has been rather limited and I havent really been able to get a lot of painting done. However, I have managed to completely, for now at least, finish painting my Necron army and I have then recently returned to my Tyranids (via a short detour with some Eldar).

If I get a bit more spare time over the next few days then I will try and get some pictures of the finished Necron army uploaded, in the meantime here are some pics of my first 16 Termagants from Hive Fleet Leviathan.


  1. looking good, looking forward to some nid on nid violence down the garrison some time in the future...

  2. Thanks Dave, yeah we will definitely have to get another game arranged soon