Monday, 23 April 2012


It didnt take me as long to recover my original post as I thought it would so here it is again (with a few edits and additions)...

This is my first proper post to the blog (hopefully it wont be my last but I guess only time will tell if I will bother to keep contributing). Ive written a very simple introduction to who I am, which should currently be listed over there to the right somewhere --->

I decided in late 2011 that it was definitely time to cut down on my weekly alcohol consumption and I came up with the bright idea of swapping the glass of beer that I usually had in my hand on an evening, preferably something Belgian (and no I dont mean crap like Stella!), with a paint brush instead. It took a little bit of effort to convince my wife that painting small plastic/metal figures wasn't overly nerdy or childish (Im still not totally sure she is convinced about that even now) but once that was taken care of I stepped in to my first Games Workshop since approximately '96. I didnt pick the greatest day to go in, a sunday morning, as it turned out that the place was extremely busy and, aside from the staff and my wife, I dont think there was anyone else in there who was even born in 1996. Still, I left with a few miniatures (Space Marines, no particular reason for picking them at the time) and a selection of paints and brushes and set to work on re-discovering a long lost hobby.

Initially I didnt have any intention at all of ever actually playing 40k again but after painting my first few Ultramarines and then buying a copy of Assault on Black Reach I thought I might as well give it a go. With a little bit of googling I discovered a local gaming club called York Garrison and started going there a few months ago to learn how to play.

So far my gaming record stands roughly as follows :

Played : about 7 or 8
Won : 1 (with rather a lot of tactical help from someone who happened to be watching)
Lost : all the others

Summary : Aside from the 1, somewhat dubious, victory Ive been well beaten (totally and utterly humped in most cases) in all the other games that Ive played and have still clearly got a hell of a lot to learn. So far its been good fun though and hopefully I'll be able to keep this blog updated with my progress over the coming weeks/months

....oh yeah, and the one plus side Ive discovered is that Im actually not too bad at all at painting the miniatures these days, so maybe I'll post a few pictures of my Ultramarines at some point soon....or maybe even my new army that Ive started working on recently

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